VUDU software - Mk7 Golf R/ Audi S3 8v/ Seat Cupra

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VUDU Ultimate Stage 1 Remap Tuning Package for Mk7 VW Golf R and Audi S3

Golf R Stage 1 Remap Package Take your VW Golf R or Audi S3 to a level you didn't think was possible with the VUDU Ultimate Stage 1 Remap Tuning Package!


You are now able to flash the VUDU Software from the comfort of your own home with the VUDU Tuning Tool available to purchase separately here!


Our Golf R and Audi S3 8V remap packages are leading the way in the VW/ Audi Tuning Scene. Over the past number of years we have been working with some of the worlds leading software and hardware manufacturers to offer some of the very finest automotive upgrades to the VW/ AUDI tuning market. This VW Golf R Stage 1 Tuning Package offers a variety of options from a completely stock remap to stage 1 or a full breathing mod upgrade to get the ultimate amount of performance from the vehicle. 


This Golf R / Audi S3 Stage 1 Tuning Package suits 2.0 tsi MQB platform vehicle including CUPRA R.


Have a read through the number of components available in the package that you can add from the drop down menu to get the most from theis remap package.


AET Motorsport are proud to bring a range of high performance remap software for a variety of vehicle markets. This Stage 1 Remap Software is another fine example of this, producing some big numbers on our very own hub dyno we can guarentee you will love your golf r or Audi S3 even more after this stage 1 tune.


Golf R Stock Figures: 280/290/300bhp – 280ftlb


Golf R Stage 1 Remap Figures: 370/380bhp – 386ftlb


Complete Stage 1 Package Figures: 380/390bhp – 386ftlb


VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software For The VW Golf R Mk7 And MQB Platform

The VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software provide signature gains in both the power and torque figures of your VW Golf R or MQB platform vehicle!


Please select whether you require a tuning tool from the drop down menu.


Our recent venture into the VAG tuning market has seen us work with some of the leading software and hardware manufacturers in the world. This great knowledge has enabled us to develop our very own VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software to offer the finest automotive softwares on the VAG market.


400-410bhp achieved!

Our talented team of technicians in the AET Motorsport workshop understands that no two engines are the same and as part of our service, we will connect your VW Golf R to our very own advanced chassis dyno, to test the performance of the vehicle before and after we map the car. This provides both our technicians and yourself with safe and reliable information on the map, showing us the exact power produced from the map.


Please note results from each ECU VUDU remap can differ due to the hardware already installed on the vehicle.


If you would like to purchase the Pop & Bangs Addon, please select this from the drop down menu, however you will require a Decat Exhaust System