VUDU software flash device and RTS clutch kit delivered

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RTS twin friction clutch kit, OEM release bearing and flash at home device with VUDU stage 1

Package deal for the following vehicles

MK7/MK7.5 Golf R

MK7/Mk7.5 Golf GTi

Audi S3 8v

Seat cupra

Stage 1 expected figure 380bhp/390ftlb (depending on intake mods)

Once purchased we will contact you to make a booking. Monday to Friday only.

VUDU Remap Software Tuning Tool 

Experience the envied power of a VUDU remap with the new VUDU Remap Tuning Tool allowing you to successfully map your vehicle from the comfort of your own home. 

VUDU have been working with some of the very best software developers and hardware manufactures in the world for a number of years with the intention of bringing a quality tuning package to the market of a range of make and models. Offering you a fine opportunity to stand out from the crowd and take your vehicle to that next level of tuning. Our very own range of VUDU remap softwares are currently in high demand with the huge power gains proving to be a mouthwatering selling point among tuning enthusiasts around the country.

The flash at home process is simple and it's the case of reading your stock ECU software using the tool, sending it over to our database using the easy to use portal, a matched file will be sent back ready to flash. The flashing process takes around 30min typically.