MMR Performance Competition Intercooler For The BMW M135i / M235i / M2 N55 (Tube & Fin)

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Add a touch of MMR Performance quality to your BMW M135i with the MMR Performance Competition Intercooler!

The MMR Performance Competition Intercooler for the F20/F30 M135i, M235i and M2 N55 provides a significant improvement to the power and torque figures. Maintaining charge air temperatures at a much reduced rate, compared to that of the standard intercooler system, the MMR Performance Intercooler uses a huge bar and plate stepped core to equip your BMW M135i with an intercooler twice the core volume of the original unit.

The BMW M135i intercooler core uses internal turbulators to improve cooling performance even further with the CFD optimised end tanks assisting with the maintenance for the greatest possible airflow. The sheer size of the bar and plate core scales in at 8.6kg but ultimately still becomes one of the finest intercooler systems available for the BMW M135i model.

    Key Features:

    • 520mm x 215mm x 145mm bar and plate intercooler core.
    • 70% larger frontal area compared to the original intercooler system.
    • 90% increase in internal volume compared to the original intercooler system.
    • Provides a substantial temperature drop.
    • Anti-corrosive thermal coating material.
    • Easy installation - No cutting or further modifications required.


    • F20 Engines
    • F30 Engines