MMR Performance Charge Pipes - BMW M135i / M235i / M2 N55

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The two-piece Charge Pipes from MMR Performance are the latest in a long line of performance enhancing products brought to us by the BMW tuning specialists. Replacing the weak and existing charge pipe, that is prone to splitting and cracking, the MMR Performance Charge Pipes offer a healthy upgrade to your BMW without the need to spend a large amount of cash.

Featuring silicone in the centre, the MMR Performance Charge Pipes are pre-fitted with O rings - something you won't receive with any other set of charge pipes on the BMW tuning market.

If you have a remapped BMW, we strongly recommend purchasing an aftermarket charge pipe in order to prevent the existing charge pipe from bursting or splitting as it's only a matter of time before the existing charge pipe buckles under the great pressure from the remapped BMW engine.

MMR Performance Charge Pipes Fit The Following BMW Models:

  • BMW M135i
  • BMW M235i
  • BMW M2

MMR Performance have quickly established themselves on the BMW tuning market with a wide range of performance enhancing tuning products for a number of different BMW models.