MMR Performance Charge Pipe Kit - BMW M140 / M240 / 340 / 440

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MMR Charge Pipes For The BMW B58 / F20 / F30 / M140i / M240i / 340i / 440i

The MMR Performance Charge Pipe Kit offers signature enhancements to to both the performance and reliability of your BMW B58 / F20 / F30 / M140i / M240i / 340i / 440i!

Offering a stronger yet lightweight replacement for the standard pipes, the MMR Charge Pipes are assured to bring you the increased power outputs you'd come to expect from MMR Performance while also making the necessary enhancements to the throttle response. The kit also includes a handy 1/8” bung for the easy addition of either methanol or water injection.

The true MMR difference is the unique design with the charge pipes looking as well as they perform, finished with the laser-etched MMR logo on the crinkle black finished pipe.

What's Included?

  • Two high-flow aluminium charge pipes with CNC leak-free connections.
  • Silicone coupler hose.
  • O-ring gasket.
  • C-clip.
  • Jubilee clips.
  • x4 Throttle body bolts .