H&R SPRING KIT - 2 SERIES (F22) M235I + M240I

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Lowering : 15mm

H&R Sport Springs have been engineered to deliver improved handling and a lowered ride height while maintaining superb ride quality. Manufactured and tested at our facility in Lennestadt, Germany, H&R Sport Springs are the ideal solution for the enthusiast who appreciates race-bred components designed for street use.

When it comes to how a vehicle feels to drive and how it handles, there are few things more important than the suspension. A bad suspension can translate to a harsh, bone-shuddering ride. A top quality suspension means a ride that responds to the road surface whilst still giving a smooth, comfortable ride.

H&R has over a decade of experience designing and creating the best lowering springs around, and they can deliver the responsive and comfortable ride you have been searching for The first step in improving any suspension is the springs. Replacing stock springs with H&R Lowering Springs, as well as improved looks and comfort, can translate to better handling and reduced body roll.

• H&R has over a decade working with premier racing teams across Europe
• Every part, no matter how small, designed and built in H&R's own German factory
• Each Lowering Spring is shot-peened to create a spring stronger than any other
• H&R Lowering Springs can significantly lower the profile of your vehicle
• Springs will not set or sag over time, like some other lowering springs

With H&R Lowering Springs, you do not just get a great new look, but also a number of boosts to your vehicle's handling and performance on the road. A lower car means a lowered centre of gravity. When you are on the road, this shows itself in much-improved handling. Because the vehicle is closer to the road, it hugs the surface much more tightly and the result is a more responsive drive. The reduction of body roll, a vehicle's tendency to pull to the outside of a turn when cornering at speed, is another big benefit of a lowered suspension. Less body roll means more compact, tighter cornering and higher performance from your vehicle when you need it most.