BMW F8X M3 / M4 Lowering Springs - MMR Performance

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MMR Performance Lowering Springs for the BMW F8X M3 and M4 are here!!

The MMR Performance Lowering Springs provide the perfect balance of improved handling and gorgeous aesthetics to your ride without the need to sacrifice quality.

The Lowering Springs lower the front of the car by 25mm and drops the back 15mm. Getting you closer to the road than before. 

The reduction in height these springs provide allows for a ride that feels nimble and increases the vehicles handling. Lowering your car allows it to be more aerodynamic slightly decreasing the surface area and reducing the wind resistance upon your car.  

The MMR Performance Springs come finished in an elegant sky blue gloss. These lowering springs add equally to the performance and handling of the car as they do to the looks.

Suitable for:

  • BMW M3
  • BMW M4


  • Bespoke spring poundage for improved driving dynamics
  • Lowers vehicle by 25mm front | 15mm rear
  • Powder-coated in MMR blue for a durable finish