BMS WMI Billet Spacer – BMW B58 (M140I, M240I, 340I & 440I)

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BMS WMI Billet Spacer – BMW B58 (M140I, M240I, 340I & 440I)

With most meth injection applications you would replace the factory charge pipe with an after market version with meth bungs. Traditionally factory charge pipes are also weak, which tend to break when you turn up the boost with your JB4. The B58 charge pipe is robust and does not have the inherent weakness seen in the N55. Additionally the B58 charge pipe is a pain to replace, having to also remove the entire intake tract. 

BMS has produced the B58 meth spacer for the answer. The B58 meth spacer is plug and play, can be installed within minutes and can be removed without a trace. Simply remove the 3 bolts from the top of the factory charge pipe, and inset the spacer. 

The B58 meth spacer is CNC machined and comes in anodised black with a high quality finish. There are 2 1/8" NPT meth nozzle bungs as standard.

For most B58 applications Bolt On Mods recommends dual BM7 Nozzles.

The B58 spacer fits the M140i, M240i, 340i and 440i.