B58 Pure Stage 1 Turbo

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Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery

This is a trade-in listing, which requires you to send us your stock B58 turbo to be upgraded. Please contact us for delivery address. 

 If you cannot send us your turbo

If your turbo are still on the car and you cannot remove them and send it to us prior, you can pay a deposit which will be returned to you once we have received your non-damaged B58 stock turbo back.

BMW B58 Stage 1 Upgrade

- Custom Billet Compressor wheel
- CNC Machined
- High Speed VSR Balanced

On stock car other than an air filter and 93 octane we gained over 30whp and 20ft/lbs with no tune. 
On same stock car with only an air filter, JB4, and 93 octane / meth we made 481.18whp and 437.84 ft/lbs