MK7 Golf R JB4

Posted by Shak Shivji on

We had a customer who contacted us recently who was struggling to choose between a flash map or go down the JB4 route on his VW Golf R MK7. After a lengthy conversation about the advantages of running a JB4 which includes customisation to suit the car and mods, switchable maps which includes low torque map when using low grade octane fuel, medium torque map when using high octane fuel, stock map, valet mode which will give reduced power and custom map which can be adjusted to suit your needs and modifications including stage 2. The customer decided to take a JB4 and Bluetooth dongle which took advantage of our package deal offer of £510 for both (usually £530). Due to distance he didn't take advantage of our fitting service which we carry out at LSG performance centre, we do offer full after sales care on all purchases which includes technical support for fitting, support or if any issues arise, full custom map setup which can be done remotely free of charge with every purchase and we give 5 year no quibble warranty.
When the customer received his order we sent him an installation video, once it was fully installed and after downloading the JB4 app he was all ready to go. If a car is using premium 99octane fuel we recommend setting up on the higher power map 2 file which gives a significant difference in power on the road and can be felt instantly.
After a few weeks the customer contacted us and was ready for a custom map setup, his mods were intake elbow and panel filter. To start off with we asked for logs to be sent over via the JB4 app using map 2 so we could see what needed to be adjusted to gain maximum potential from the car. After a couple of logs we sent over a base custom map setup and asked for more logs, during this process we are looking to make sure the ign timing has minimal retardation when we start to increase the boost levels, also keeping an eye on fuel trims, IAT's, EGT's and throttle action, we are also mapping for smooth power delivery and keeping the torque where it's needed.  After a few adjustments which usually takes 1-2hours we were done and invited the customer to go and enjoy his car. The feedback was excellent and the customer was extremely pleased with the performance he gained so he asked to purchase one of our Dragy GPS devices so he could see what on the road performance gains had been achieved. He submitted us times of 0-60 3.8s and 60-100 4.96s which is a huge performance gain and comparable to a flash map and in most cases quicker.
The vehicle went on the Dyno a few weeks later and performed very well with figures of 369bhp/388ftlb which is what we expect from a JB4 running one of our custom maps.