Boostane Professional Octane Booster Case study

Posted by Simon Newman on

Firstly we will start off by saying we do not recommend you try this configuration, or deliberately run insufficient octane, we do this so you do not have to!

The car in question was a BMW M140i with JB4 only, with completely stock hardware. We wanted to keep variables as simple as possible, but again we wouldn't advise this set up. The JB4 was running map 7 (meth map) with the safety systems turned off. This allows you to run the higher boost without the meth flowing. Normally the JB4 would kick in if it detected low meth flow. More details of the B58 meth package can be found HERE.   

Testing was carried out approx 1 week between each other, this was because we had to run the fuel tank completely empty to test the different fuel mixtures properly. This means IAT are around the same to keep the test fair. Additionally, the Dragy times were tested on the same road. 

This first log shows what happens when you try and push power levels without enough octane. You can clearly see the effects of those higher chamber temperatures with the ignition timing crashing to the floor. This would actually be a dangerous level of performance to run, relying on your cars reactive safety systems. Even short term this could cause serious engine damage. 

 Using a Dragy GPS timer, you can see the base line time this sets. Although we have tried to run high load targets, the time is slower than expected. This is due to the effect of low octane.

 The above log is on the exact same car, however with Boostane Professional Octane Booster. You can straight away see the positive effects this has had on ignition timing. Where as before it was crashing to the floor, suggesting dangerous engine conditions, the above log using Boostane is pretty much perfect. 

 The above 100-200 time with the respective log above shows not only how important octane is to engine safety, but also performance. With a low 8 time on a M140i with just JB4 is very impressive. 

At Bolt On Mods, we have tested many fuels and combinations. There are many companies and products out there which claim to give you the above results, but from our extensive testing, there isn't anything out there which can give you the octane you need for even close the same price.