Bolt On Mods BMW M140i dyno run

Posted by Simon Newman on

This is Bolt On Mods very own M140i. Modifications include M140i JB4 with Bluetooth, Fuel Harness, Electronic Wastegate Harness (EWG), B58 meth injection kit, decat down pipe and Boostane Professional Octane Booster.

With these modifications the M140i can run around 20psi of boost without issues, producing approx 480bhp. From analysing many data logs and carrying out months of testing, all parameters remain in check with zero issues. We have run this car at this power level for approx 2 years now without missing a beat.

During testing we also found adding Boostane  helped to keep timing more consistent. We found running half a can per full main tank was enough to keep runs and power consistent time and time again, even in hot ambient temperatures of above 30 degrees. (Hot for the UK!)

At this power level we would recommend high performance tyres to put the power down and increase traction. Additionally to improve breaking distances. We personally like and recommend Michelin PS4S.

At this power level you can expect to run sub 12 seconds 1/4 mile time and sub 8 seconds 100-200 kph using your Dragy GPS race timer