BMW M235i JB4

Posted by Simon Newman on

BMW M235i JB4 and Bluetooth supplied and fitted by Bolt On Mods. Equipped with the N55 engine, the M235i can produce approx 400bhp with a JB4 and supporting mods such as a decat down pipe and FMIC upgrade. The N55 JB4 has many other features as well as tuning, such as data logging, code read/write and boost by gear limits for increased traction.

Bolt On Mods suggests running map 2 on a M235i with stock hardware, with the requirement of 99 RON fuel such as Tesco 99 or Shell v-Power. If you then decide to fit an upgraded FMIC and decat, Bolt On Mods recommends a custom map 6 set up. Feel free to contact us for assistance or with any questions you might have. 

If you then decide you want more power, the BMW N55 EWG has a real dependency with fuel volume and octane. This is due to the restrictive low pressure fuel pump and high pressure fuel pump. You can increase rail pressure with the JB4 using the fuel open loop setting (FOL), however this can only go so far before you trip your fuel pumps, causing EML codes to appear.

There are many options out there, with one of the most simple yet effective being Boostane Professional octane booster. Simply add a can just before filling up with give you approx 104 octane allowing you to run map 7, which is a high octane race fuel map. Boostane is available seperatly in the store. 

Another option, however more technical to install and a higher initial investment is meth injection. This will resolve the N55 fuel volume and octane issue allowing you to run higher boost levels with the meth map 3. Feel free to message with any other questions you might have, however we have produced a  N55 meth injection package deal in the store. This will be everything you need, from the upgraded charge pipe, to the full meth kit.

you can expect approx 430-450bhp with your M235 N55 running meth injection and supporting mods.