BMW M140i JB4

Posted by Simon Newman on

BMW B58 JB4 supplied by Bolt On Mods. The new B58 engine platform is a real weapon once tuned. The M140i JB4 can produce approx 430bhp with only exhaust modifications such as a decat down pipe. Bolt On Mods can supply your JB4, offer fitting and life time support.

This was the first time this customer had ever fitted a JB4 tuning box with no previous knowledge. Even still, this customer managed to fit in under an hour with no issues.

The JB4 can be easily stacked with other tuning modifications such as meth injection. This allows the M140i to make great power and is required to make stage 2+ power with the B58 platform. Meth injection and JB4 are also both easily reversible without leaving a trace. 

Please contact if you have any questions about the M140i JB4 or B58 tuning in general.